Tuesday, January 19 2010
  It's a Mystery
Posted By Xanathis

Two new knockoff reviews posted in the Articles section. Both involve strange packs: one of a set of robots that only seems to have 1 Transformer in the bunch…and another called “Tank Missile Eagle”.

Friday, January 15 2010
  Bigger is Better
Posted By Xanathis

Finishing the trifecta of Binaltech/Alternators knockoffs I currently have, I’ve posted a review of Oversized Alternators Hot Rod. He puts Wheeljack to shame.

Friday, January 15 2010
  Knock it Off
Posted By Xanathis

One more knockoff review for you today. This one is of another Binaltech KO by another company named Super. It’s probably short for “Super Bad.”

Friday, January 15 2010
  Zoom, Zoom
Posted By Xanathis

New article up reviewing a knockoff of Binaltech Shockwave.

Friday, January 08 2010
  When the Knockoffs Go Marching In
Posted By Xanathis

I’ve posted an article with a review of a random Transformers Star Saber knockoff I picked up in a discount store the other day. Head over to the Articles section and take a look.

Friday, April 03 2009
  Pictures Galore
Posted By Shaddak

I have added yet another picture to the wallpapers section. Go check it out.

Thursday, February 26 2009
Posted By Shaddak

New picture up in the wallpapers section. The original that I pulled the trace from was a poster that I picked up in Canada.

Friday, February 20 2009
Posted By Shaddak

Haven’t done much in a while, but I’ve been messing with some more fractals. Check them out in the wallpapers section. Geodesic 1 is the original output. I changed some sizing, and replicated parts of it to make Geodesic 2. Finally, I added a kickass animation to it to make Geodesic 3. It may seem like overkill to post three versions of something, but I wanted to show the transition.

Saturday, January 24 2009
  More Pilots Than The Bermuda Triangle
Posted By Yomanman

Windom XP fans will be pleased to see a large increase in pilots sets in the Goodies section of the site. Practically the entire cast of Gundam Battle Universe for the PSP has been added, and now I’m in the process of adding Gundam 00 to the list. After that, I’m going to jump ship to Macross. Everyone loves Pineapple Salad!

Monday, December 15 2008
  I'm back!
Posted By Shaddak

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, I’ve been having a lot of computer problems. So, anyways, I put up a new picture in the wallpapers sections. A little something for the Dune fans out there.

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